Breezaire WK 1060 Wine Cooling Unit

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BTU: 1060
Enclosure Volume (if construction requirements met): 140 cu ft
Indoor Condenser

Height: 13.25"
Width: 14.25"
Depth: 16.38"



The Breezaire WK 1060 wine cooling unit is ideal for an entry level wine cellar. The benefits of this Breezaire WK 1060 wine refrigeration unit are that it is a self-contained wine refrigeration unit, and therefore does not require an HVAC technician for installation. Mounting the Breezaire in your wine cellar requires only a hole cut in the wall large enough to accept the wine refrigeration unit, and then a platform for the unit to sit on. This Breezaire wine cooling unit will maintain the required 55 - 58 degree temperature for a wine cellar, in addition to maintaining the room humidity between 55 -75%.
  • Vibration free
  • Plugs into a standard 110 Volt outlet
  • Requires a drain line
  • Does not introduce humidity into the space, it only maintains the existing level
  • Standard unit does not have an electronic readout, you will need to purchase a thermometer separately or upgrade to the "E" series.
  • Must vent into an adjoining space in your home with a temperature no greater than 25 degrees higher than the wine cellar (i.e. a 55 degree temperature in the wine cellar means the unit must vent into a space no more than 80 degrees.)
  • As with any cooling unit the space the unit is venting into needs to be a minimum of twice the size of the wine cellar.
  • The plug for these wine refrigeration units are in the front, so you normally have to pull the cord through the wall to plug it in, unless you pay an upgrade to have the cord put in the back of the unit.