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  • 产品类别:现代风格玻璃酒窖
  • 外观尺寸:非标定制
  • 外观颜色:有机玻璃
  • 制冷方式:酒窖专用分体设备
  • 温度范围:8-18℃(可调)
  • 湿度范围:60-75%RH(可调)
  • 噪音范围:33-38db
  • 储存数量:600支
  • Service hotline:182 1818 8874
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Acrylic is revolutionizing the modern wine cellar industry.
Architectural Plastics designs and fabricates modern wine cellars using high-grade acrylic as the central design element. Contemporary and traditional design styles can both take advantage of this modern material. Opaque alternatives like wood and metal can result in dark and closed-in storage rooms. The crystal clear acrylic used in our wine cellars creates bright open spaces and allows the focus to remain on your wine collection.  
New and exciting ways to light your wine cellar are also enhanced by this clear and reflective material. Our custom sized LED light panels are a bold and exciting way to augment the look of your cellar. MARTHALUNBO has created a patented design that seamlessly incorporates our LED panels onto the backs of the wine racks. Depending upon client specification, the LED panels can be made in a variety of colors (even color changing) and can be dimmable.
Our designers will be happy to work with you to create a unique and modern way to present your wine. ​

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